Level Transmitters

HONDA ELECTRONICS Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

  • Non-contact ultrasonic principle for liquid & powder level measurement
  • Compact or 2 input channel remote version with accuracy ┬▒ 0.25% FS
  • Wide┬ámeasuring ranges up to 10m for compact version and 20m for remote version
  • Rich information display by graphic LCD covering TOP distance, BOTTOM level, Current output and Reflected waveform for easy installation and maintenance
  • Sensor housing in PP (compact), PP, PVDF and PVC (remote)
  • Power supply 24VDC, output 4...20mA (compact) / 100 to 240VAC, output 4...20mA, 250VAC/5A relay contact (remote)
  • Configurable for Open Channel Flow Measurement application


Honda Ultrasonic Level Measuring Instruments Catalogue

HONDA ELECTRONICS Ultrasonic Interface Level Transmitters

  • Enables stable measurement of sludge interface in sedimentation tanks
  • Non-contact measurement is performed with a stationary sensor, which eliminates the risk of the sensor interfering with the rake. The sensor also does not disturb the interface, enabling long-term stable measurement
  • Distances of 0.4 to 10 m from the sensor transmission surface can be measured
  • Up to two sensors can be connected to the unit at the same time, so interface measurements can be performed at two locations

NIVELCO Level Transmitters

  • Complete range of level transmitters with different measuring principles
  • Non-contact microwave, 2 wire, compact or integrated design, measuring range up to 23m
  • Guided microwave, 2 wire, rod or cable probes, compact design, measuring range up to 24m
  • Capacitive, 2 wire, fully or partly insulated probes, compact design, measuring range up to 20m
  • Hydrostatic, 2 wire, compact with stainless steel diaphragm with measuring range up to 400 bar or 2 or 3 wire submersible type with measuring range up to 200m
  • Magnetostrictive, 2 wire compact type, wetted parts in stainless steel or plastic with measuring range up to 15m
  • Ultrasonic, 2 or 4 wire compact or integrated design, measuring range up to 25m for liquid and 60m for solids.
  • Ex version available on request